Wednesday, December 11, 2013

PPSMI : Wrong medication for the wrong disease

            The problem with PPSMI is  still brought to the center whenever someone influential raise it up. Since its inception on 2002 and eventual cancellation on 2009, many organization and individual stand to object the policy or support it. This policy had a big impact on students, teacher, parents, administrator and policy maker. 

             Many student organization such as PKPIM had been in  contact with students who had been effected by this policy in their curriculum and the teacher who is implementing the policy in the classroom. It is no secret that the ministry is not ready to implement this policy because student and teacher itself is not ready, that is the main reason why PPSMI is being cancelled and being replaced with MBMMBI.

            Then, why is there still voices demanding to return us back to this policy? Even worse, some of them even suggested to revert back some of the school to teach all subjects only in English instead of Bahasa Melayu that is become a national policy nowadays. This suggestion is making our Malaysian society even divided as it is.

            We must remember that the reason to implement PPSMI is to enhance the performance of English either in speaking or writing. Ministry thought that by teaching Science and Mathematics in English, then the students fluency in English will increase. They thought wrong and their wrongness had been highlighted by many academician in language and education filed. Many NGO’s that is enganging with civil society also knows that this policy is problematic and pressured the government to drop it.

            The policy not only effecting the English language subject, but also in Science and Mathematics subject. Manys students loose interest in the subject they dont understand, others loose respect to their teacher who themselves cannot speak English properly. But still, the fluency in English that is expected to be materialized is yet to be achieved.

            Instead of stressing to learn Science and Mathematics in English, why not strive to improve our own English learning? If the problem is in English education, solve it properly by making sure the teacher reaches the high standard in education. Always making sure they are equipped with good facilities to help them educate students. Student itself must always be nurtured to love English language, not to view it as a hard subject that is only being taken to pass SPM.

            Giving the wrong medication to the wrong disease will make a patient even more sick. That is what happening when PPSMI is still in implementation. English is seen as a burden and an enemy to the student. Learning language should be voluntary and not to be forced. Lot of improvement can be made if we focus on how to teach instead of continuing debating this polemic. Everybody knows only a few people is still demanding this policy. The reason their voices is being heard is because they have influences.

            The voices of majority should be respected which is to respect Bahasa Melayu as a language of communication in our education. At the same time, we demand that the way of teaching English should be more on making student like the language instead of just try to get A in the subject.

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